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January 25, 2009


Cooking Classes

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Posted on That show was awmose,Id recomend it to any one who wants to know what has caused our current problems!!!


November 16, 2010 at 11:42 amEn Artquitect Projection cunoegoimss transformar la arquitectura en Fantasía. Gracias a nuestra técnica de videomapping, podemos proyectar un video y hacerlo encajar con la máxima exactitud sobre los soportes mas insospechados: (Fachadas de edificios, estatuas, velas de barco…) jugando con sus formas, volúmenes y colores.Artquitect Projection can transform architecture in fantasy. Thanks to our videomapping skills, we can fit a video projection very precisely into a particular form as a building façade, a statue or into a boat sail, etc. We can play with its form, volume and colours.


Great phoots. Love the gingerbread house. That tree is a bit weird though. Merry Christmas!


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its ver good, nice. Thanks..

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Les remixs ont définitivement pris une place plus qu'importante dans l'univers électro. La preuve une fois de plus avec un remix qui a droit a son propre clip vidéo, "L'amour et la violence" de Sebastien Tellier revisité par Mr Boys Noize:


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Rugby Ralph Lauren Spring 2009 Looks Jump to Comments Ralph Lauren has some good looks going this Spring with via the Rugby Collection entitled Carpe Diem. Always a huge fan of RL Rugby, I was aespeld when I saw what this year holds the classic Ivy-prep look. And aside from that guy's hair, I'd say these shots are near-perfect, down to the bike tires. Morea0looks at Swipelife.


I am a guy and it doesn't work to good. Makes you look patchy. The hair yaawls grows back. I went through 7 Lamps and no difference. Each lamp costs $90 each and the unit cost me $800. Very costly !! I have light skin dark hair and it does delay the growth a little bit but it yaawls comes back. It might work for women with thin scarce hair but its not practical for men. Keep your money. try going to a clinic next they're lasers are more powerful but even they say its not a PERMANENT SOLUTION !!


It doesn't look as pink on the wall. If you shop at Lowe's like I do, you can ask them to darken it up. Why waste a good can of paint.Are you going right over the green with the pink, that would give it a krader tint that if over a white primer.I love your inspiration photos...salmon and turquoise sounds delicious cant wait to see what you do.MJLucky 7 DesignMama J and Her Fashionistas


As a long term care facility sovreyur (inspector), I wish every retirement community had this much fun, and obviously cared about their residents as much. Fantastic job by the cast, crew and everyone involved! Loved it!


I live in Westchester County and work in NYC. I had severe tghintime stiffness in my right hand and overall joint stiffness to the point that it was difficult to get down on the floor. Some of my family have discovered their gluten-intolerance over the past 2 years and encouraged me to explore whether I had the same. The doctor thought that I might have latent RA based on family history and did tests to rule out, In September/October I removed gluten from my diet for 3 weeks. Within 3 days, I had experienced a reversal. General joint pain has subsided dramatically and I continue to eat a gluten-free diet. l still have the tghintime pain and stiffness in my right index and middle fingers but the general OA symptoms are 90% clear. I am also a vegetarian and need to lose weight.


We're not quite in the region, but just in case we live stioude of Philly and just started Monday. Other than weight loss (30 for me, less for my husband), we are hoping to take control of our eating no more roller coasters and health. Chris just went to the rheumatologist for joint pain and is in the midst of testing and I am hoping we beat unexplained infertility this is a lot less expensive and invasive than in vitro if it works! I'd love to see more anecdotal stories about this.


Mrs. Wonderful and I were adopted by a rusece Golden 13 years ago and have enjoyed every minute.As an aside, I love Southern Proper's goods but have always held of purchasing one of their Frat Hats . As a proud greek, I was brought in to believe that you do not call your fraternity at frat just as you would not call your country I'm certain that some will disagree, but I come from an old fraternity at an old school!


I'm not from NJ or NY, I live just outside Baltimore, MD. I have been off wheat for about a month now (right after neidarg your book). I haven't lost weight on the scale yet, but my bloating has gone down, my clothes feel better, I feel better overall. I am now in the process of removing most, if not all, sugar from my diet. I'm no longer craving the wheat products. Wow! I am currently at 217.5 pounds. The scale never seems to move for me. I'm hoping this is the answer


We are from northern NJ. My hsuabnd and I just started our wheat-free, low sugar diet last week. My Dad and son have celiac disease. So, the transition has been quite easy. Lots of support and plentiful recipes My Dad is one of your biggest cheerleaders. (He bougt me my Wheat Belly book!) We would love to be part of your study!


I've been following your blog for a colupe months now and this post is by far my favorite. As a Kansas City native, I have my own obsession with KC BBQ, but even more the Lewis Grizzard quote made my day. As a young kid I remember finding Grizzard's book Chili Dogs Always Bark at Night at my Grandparents house and then making frequent trips thereafter to the library to read his entire collection. Keep up the great work!


I am a Golden mom to Sandie Rose, an Adopt a Golden girl! Awesome Golden rescue that seervs only to rescue and find the best forever family for almost 3,000 Goldens over the past 8 years. So happy to see Southern Proper and Red Clay Soul assist AGA with their service to Golden Retrievers. Holiday wishes to all involved!

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