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January 11, 2008



...still a reader. congrats on kicking facebook.

Gorgeous Interpretive Dancer

You two look very blond and very BOMBED in that picture. But you also look very open-minded, and I bet you have a sophisticated palette when it comes to imports...booze and Eastern CDs. Continue rocking. Continue rolling into the nearest yellow cab.


Haha, James Iha was at every party that year. I'm thinking about taking a break from SXSW in 2009...but I look forward to seeing you in '08!

North Face

High quality and inexpensive you can trust the brand


Congrats on being featured laura! Wonderful tpohos and great to hear someone is keeping it real. Cloud and Little boxes are perfectly placed to appreciate both nature and architecture. And love the quiet movement of the third


Oh thank you so much for the props, Jody! I am over the moon I have adored the Jen Bekman galrley's concept & 20 200 for ages & am just so flattered to be considered by them. It was such a surprise to see my pictures featured & I am still a bit giddy!

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