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January 28, 2008



No, don't go!! I get to live the rock and roll lifestyle vicariously through you. And hear about great new bands. Hang in there!!!
(Queen Charlotte Islands, Canada)


butbutbutbutbut.. i love snowden and ghostland and the thermals, etc., etc. thanks to you.

don't go away, yo.

square key





I don't know you but I liked reading your blog. Do you have a new one.

Random thing, I first heard about Arcade Fire on this blog.

square key

of course she has other online outlets, but since you're not in the cool club, you'll never find out. i only came back here to substantiate my previous comment of 'pretentious'. first, jen turned a lot of us on to great music. second, for years she had an inside edge that made her unique. three, she found inspiration in other things and the daily refill suffered. fourth, she kept us hanging by posting mediocre updates for the past year. fifth, her post just previous to this one was title something along the lines of 'still blogging in 2008', making it sound as if she still had that mediocre interest. sixth, her very next blog post was, essentially, "you don't deserve an explanation after being faithful viewers for the past number of years, but I'm done with this blog and I'm not telling you why because you're not cool enough to know me personally."

even a single sentence of explanation would have been considerate of the people who came to appreciate your musings, jen...but courtesy doesn't live in New York City, nor does it exude from the 'oh-so-cool-and-the-utterly-played-out-in-how-many-TV-commercials-these-days?-Indie scene'. you went from a true fan to a flaky name dropper...good riddance.


jeez, square key really has no life, huh? dude, as someone who can no longer find the time or inclination to keep up with her own blog, i respect your decision. onward. =)


i am a chinese guy in beijing.
i do not know jen either, but i like her music too.
so who can help me to find her agian?
msn:[email protected]
my blog:http://outthedoor.blog.163.com


COME BACK! http://www.reddingbrothers.com

i know someone but not telling.


You're pathetic.


good fucking riddance.


Jen sucks.


I didn't write any of those because you don't suck. However, I don't get the whole Phish thing.

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