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November 30, 2007



Ha! Albini running a bed and breakfast as well?

North Face

High quality and inexpensive you can trust the brand


There are deep melodies dheidn under the punk' tag! Okay, Hc3bcsker Dc3bc had a ground-breaking distorted guitars wall of sound before them. So, what is so special about Man Sized Action? Well, their wall of sound of distorted guitars is in between Hc3bcsker Dc3bc's punk' approach and leading the way to an alternative' sound approach much like Live Skull's Fort Belvedere', way before Band Of Susans, and way ahead of the wave of distorted guitar bands like My Bloody Valentine spawned by the english listening to Dinosaur Jr. records. On Five Story Garage, their only 8-song release, the drumming is basic and the vocals are slightly off-tune, but the guitars interlace and the feedback is just godly! The track Different Than Now' is , alone, worth the price of the album. In my top 30 albums of all time, definitely.


I too sometimes feel it’s too late to add my two cents. Some bleorggs get a whole page of comments within the same day as their post and it’s easy to feel intimidated. Who will read my comment now? Will I say what’s already been said? I love it when a blog has a feature where you can sign up to receive emails when new comments come in (like yours)because I love to read the comments as much as the blob post itself.

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