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February 03, 2005



awesome! thanks dude.

i linked to you on arcadefire.net


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Matthew in the UK

No no, it's a fantastic clip! Thanks a lot. It's great they're getting some appreciation from Byrne.


Thanks for the great clip. I was there last night, right up front, and it was amazing. Byrne and the band looked soooo happy. Now, with your clip, I can share it with my friends who weren't there.


I have a 3 minute video of Naive Melody from last night filmed from about 10 feet back from center stage if anyone wants it, e-mail me. It's 44MB. The sound is quite bad, since I was so close, the speakers were too loud for the mic on my camera, but the video is pretty good.

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sorry it's not a better little video clip but the room was packed and, you know how it is, but here is david byrne with arcade fire from approximately forty minutes ago at irving plaza. since you can't really beat an encore with byrne, win ended the show by saying "that was fucking awesome, i love this city. thank you.":


I’ve found that sometimes a good visual can make all the difference to a blog post, so I’m always sure to include at least one. They brighten the place up a little too.

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