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August 01, 2004



Great review. I didn't get a chance to see it this weekend but will soon. It was a toss up between iRobot & Garden State. Ummm...Will Smith was looking pretty good in that film.

I have to say that I have loved Zach Braff for a long time-I'm an avid Scrubs watcher, so needless to say, I was excited for Garden State. I did enjoy it for the most part up until the search for the necklace started. I mean, the talk w/his father, the scene in the bathtub, screaming in the rain, the airport scene...it was all very contrived and cliched. It was too forced, trying to clean up the loose ends to quickly.

Uncle Grambo

nice take, but i wasn't as high on it as you are. perhaps if he would've spent a little less time worshipping at the pulpit of Wes Anderson and thinking of a better ending, it would've been a better film. howevs, i'm right with you with your portman raves ... so best!


the ending was the one part i was disappointed with. i mean, the girl in me wanted that to happen...but when it did i was sad he chose the hollywood ending. i would have been psyched at the prospect of seeing braff take the path less traveled w/ a more original script. but oh well! hopefully he'll make more films.

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