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June 27, 2006


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I also wrote a song called Shiloh about 3 years ago- you can check it out on http://www.myspace.com/shilohsong The name Shiloh has always appealed to me- I want to call my first daughter Shiloh- when I heard about Angelina and Brad's duaghter I thought it could be a nice gesture to make it available to them but i didnt know how to contact them- anyways the recording was done at home so it's very raw. Take into account when you listen to the song that Shiloh means place of tranquility- gives it a deeper meaning- enjoy


I'm dreaming of my darling Darling,
so fragile and insecure.
The meadows sway so softly for her,
as angels look on down.
The wisdom of a thousand ages
makes her forget her pain.
The shadows that surround her there
are whispering her name...

You've found your peace at last.
It happened all so fast.

Your love-rose has bloomed on this tower of thorns,
and your waiting time has passed.
The problem of trying to figure it out
has given way to love.

Sweet dreamer,
keep on dreaming,
close your little eyes.
Hey child,
save your blindness,
for the hardness of this world.

The sparkling stars cry tears of joy,
just catch them in your hand.
The butterflies will lift you up to the rainbow in the sky.

Shiloh- is where I build my home.
Shiloh- beside the quiet streams.
Shiloh- a symphony of beauty.
Shiloh- who can compare?
Shiloh- whenever you are there-
it's Shiloh.

(repeat bridge)

My world
My whole wide world
is burning just for you.
My world
My whole wide world
is turning just for you.
Shiloh- a symphony of beauty.
Shiloh- who can compare.
Shiloh- whenever you are there-
it's Shiloh.

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