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January 10, 2006


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» Ben Gibbard Plays Bowery Ballroom 1/10/05 from stereogum
EJ and I, along with Jeff and Jen, killed a few hours with Tivo last night in order to arrive at Bowery just as Ben hit the stage. We came pretty close, but I didn't start to note the set... [Read More]

» Our Indie Rock Husband from Cinecultist
Photo by Jeff We interupt this regularly scheduled movie blog to bring you a little obsessing of the indie rock variety a la our evening Tuesday with our beloved indie rock husband, Benjamin Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie... [Read More]



I can't believe you and janelle each cut the other out of the picture on your respective sites!


Whoa! They did? That's up there with cutting the other's face out and pasting their own in!


this is funny. in an embarassing kinda way.

that photo on the left? i took that one.


my friends are officially the super fans. it's so totally awesome.


HAHAHAHA. Awesomeness to the max

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