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November 30, 2005


douglas martin

the first place i ever heard about clap your hands say yeah was from brooklyn vegan. sorry to all parties involved for taking the credit.

douglas martin

..and i heard from brooklyn vegan about them LONG before moveable hype. i thought i'd add that.


exactly. which is why the whole: "and of course, before all of that - a good portion of these 7,158 blog posts about the band took place" is at the end of this post. no one is trying to take credit for them, they are the one's deserving the credit. i think npr was just making a broad analysis on how blogs didn't hurt in generating buzz.


I give credit to Oh My Rockness... before I knew of the blogosphere, that was where I looked up all my music. They had a blurb about CYHSY since at least January.

Of course OMR, I've realized, doesn't generate any buzz for bands. Still, it's still a good touchstone.


First time i heard about them was here,Then straight after NME started writing about them.

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