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December 31, 2004


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jess and lindsay tell david cross i love him

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» Tinkle & Wilco from Gothamist
Last night Gothamist headed down the street to Pianos for the Tinkle show. We figured it was worth our 6 bucks to hear Todd Barry makes fun of blogs. So we got right up there and sat in the front row. We laughed, we drank, we even cried a little... [Read More]

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Weren't you the girl that wouldn't shut up for the whole show, which was pointed out by nearly all of the performers? Are you that oblivious to your own obnoxiousness? (if i've mistaken your identity, I apologize, but given your camera angles and your "front row seats", I think I'm right on this one.)


actually, tex, no that wasn't me. that was my friend who i was sitting quietly next to. thanks for assuming i'm obnoxious though! and in her defense she wasn't being obnoxious, comedians tend to go after anyone in the front who makes the slightest move, i've learned.


Tex, you must not go to very many comedy nights or you'd know it's a TRADITION for them to choose a person to pick on for the duration of the show. It really had nothing to do with her "not shutting up," and she definitely wasn't obnoxious. This goes on at every one of these kinds of shows. Maybe you should stick to two-drink-minimum traditional comedy, or be sure to stay out of the front row at these shows!


My sincere apologies to you, Jen! I was sitting on the other side of the room a few rows back and I could hear your friend yapping throughout the show. She was also baiting the performers to chat her up, which elicited groans from the audience, and not a few "shut ups". One of the good things about the non-two-drink-minimum comedy scene is the general respect the performers command from the audience, even when the audience isn't totally digging the act. Your unfunny friend was properly humiliated by the performers not for merely sitting in the front row, but for her imposing herself on the show obnoxiously. Enough bitching for now, though. Happy new year! Kind regards, Tex.


Nice pics of the show - better than we were able to see upstairs from the lounge...


Tex, you're still totally wrong! You didn't even refute what I said in any way. You're just mad that you had to stand in the back. Go see a Carrot Top show.


OK, I'll refute what you said in any way: members of the audience were asking her to shut up. I was all the way in the back, tilted forward against the soundboard and I could hear her. As fun as it can be when a comedian engages you, they'd rather the audience respectfully listened to what they were saying, regardless of how much they paid to get in, rather than try to talk to them.

Problem is, you're obviously her good friend and are loath to criticize her. You go so far as to call Paul F. Thomkins (and all LA comics- what are you, nuts?) unfunny, probably because he told your friend to shut the fuck up. I pre-don't-accept your denial of this. I'm saying if he hadn't done that, you might have just not mentioned him. I agree that his set wasn't that strong, but in general he's hilarious.

Anyway, I don't know you or your friend and for now until the end of time, to me you will be the annoying loud drunk at Tinkle and the person who defended her. To you, I will be the fat guy who went on stage at the end and got Rolaids To Go as a gift. C'est la vie.

Oh, and what the hell does Carrot Top have to do with any of this?


hi jake, i'm jen - this is my site. i think you were responding mostly to what lindsay was saying in the comments. but you seemed to mesh it altogether. anyway, i didn't even realize it was the LA guy that told my friend to shut up, i just honestly didn't think he was funny, nor do i think his bits on "best week ever" are funny. that's my opinion and i stated it here on my site. it's not some evil conspiracy to bring him down or anything.
also, i was not "drunk, loud and annoying". i think anyone that has met me can tell you i am usually the quietest one in the room.
so, that tsunami killed like 150,000 people and you're bitching about someone bantering for 2 seconds with a comedian...can we please have some perspective...


I was at the show, and you were a tsunami of obnoxiousness.


Jen is extremely quiet and sweet. I'm the obonoxious one!


I wasn't at the show either, I was with some friends all the up at 10th street and I could still hear you. I mean, really, come on now. There I am trying to enjoy a nice conversation with old friends and I can't help but be distracted all night. Show a little respect, would ya?

Oh... and I may never be back at this site... EVER!

obnoxious tsunami girl

hi everyone. i'm jen's drunk friend from the show. if any of you truly paid attention to my bad behavior, you'd know that i have brown hair. and if you look at any of jen's pictures of herself, you'd know she's blonde. so the girl who ruined your night was me and not this poor, innocent blgoger. sorry about that!


Well at least I can come back and visit this site again. What was I thinking listening to someone calling himself "Tex" anyways?

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